Losing Weight Correctly

Everyone wants to feel their best. Studies have found that exercise and proper eating help attain that goal. Not many people understand the science that is associated with weight loss and, many hope for quick results without learning the intricacies of creating long-term success.

In the process of weight loss, one must understand that proper exercise coincides with proper diet. The ratio is approximately 80% diet and 20% workouts. This model, if implemented correctly, will lead to caloric burn rendering the weight loss results that are desired. When losing weight there is no secret pill that can be substituted for hard work and dedication. Losing .5 to 1.5 pounds a week is ideal when done correctly.

Our Approach

Personal training combined with an emphasis on nutrition, plus a healthy dose of Strongest Will's effective motivational strategies, enable clients to create long-term habits that are truly life-changing. 

Weight Loss is not a short-term goal. It is what takes place when someone chooses to focus on living his or her life in a way that emits a healthy and accomplished feeling which eventually burns adipose tissue (body fat). 

Strongest Will is there over the long haul, guiding, teaching and motivating you to adopt healthy eating habits and regular exercise routines — important components for losing weight!