Rates and Programs

Rates and Programs

Personal or Small Group Rates

Subscription Plans:

Individual Personal Training — 60 min: $80.00 Weekly

Individual Personal Training — 30 min: $50.00 Weekly 

Individual Yoga — 90 min: $110.00 Weekly


Pre-Paid Plans (Save $25-$75):

Individual Personal Training — 60 min: $750.00, 10 Sessions

Individual Personal Training — 30 min: $450.00, 10 Sessions 

Individual Yoga — 90 min: $420.00, 5 Sessions

Small Group Personal Training — 60 min: $365.00 Monthly

Small Group Yoga — 90 min : $475.00 USD - Monthly    



Referral Program

I have a great referral program. If you have a friend or colleague that has been contemplating working out, send them my way and you will receive 20% off your next set of pre-paid sessions. Both win in the end! 



I will come to you, where ever you prefer to workout. I frequently work with clients at community centers, places of work or worship, in local parks or in the privacy and convenience of a client's home.

6-Week Corporate Fitness Enhancement Program

What is CFE:

Supporting employee health is a priority for Strongest WILL Fitness & Yoga. With this 6-week program, 3 days a week 30 minutes each day, employees (training group) will begin to not only feel better while working but perform better as well.


Because healthcare costs are steadily rising, employers can encourage their employees to participate in meaningful exercise. Studies show that workers who engage in moderate exercise have higher work-quality and better job performance than their counterparts living sedentary lifestyles.

In short, this program helps reduce absences, injuries and insurance claims, and results in greater productivity and lower healthcare costs.

 Group fitness participation:

  • Decreases Stress Levels

  • Decreases Work Anxiety

  • Increases Energy

  • Increases Work Performance

  • Develops Work Cohesion

  • Builds Muscle 

  • Sheds Body Fat

  • Saves Money


Contact me today about the 6-week Corporate Fitness Enhancement Program! Time slots are limited.