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My unique method — called F.I.R.E. — integrates powerful Vinyasa Yoga into personal training and fitness programs to develop the physical and mental acuity necessary for personal achievement.  


William D. Graham, MS, CPT, RYT

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Strength Training

 Strength is simply muscular power or force. We can create this by using free weights or your own body weight. Depending on your specific goals, we will utilize one or both methods to enhance your muscle development and promote growth.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss doesn't have to be intimidating or discouraging.   We will trigger fat loss through simple and idealistic changes to your daily life. Eventually these changes will become a normal part of your everyday lifestyle that will continue to benefit you for years to come. 

Mind & Body

Yoga doesn't only promote flexibility and strength. It also creates focus and mental tenacity. Through a personalized pose sequence, each of these facets will be tested and perfected while creating a complete workout experience that will benefit you for life.

Group Fitness

Ever wanted to workout with a personal trainer but found it wasn't in your budget? With a small group, you can have personal attention for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training. Working out with family or friends can also be more fun and help keep you accountable.

"My goal is to teach each client to become healthier — in mind and body. That's why I combine yoga flows and poses into many of my client’s workouts. This method, which I call F.I.R.E., enhances mental as well as physical strength.

But that's not to say my workouts are light-weight. I use my training in sports and psychology to read a person's energy level and I can usually entice them to give all toward reaching their goals.

Clients notice the consideration I put into their fitness plan. We never do the same workout twice, so we never plateau. Each training session will be different, challenging, and fun week to week."

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