Shorter, more effective workouts

As I started training more clients, my own time to workout became limited. So I started to experiment without weights and equipment. I soon found I could reduce my 60-90 minute workouts to 30-45 minutes without any loss in effectiveness. Three days a week I began substituting weight training for pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and anything else I could think of that involved little to no equipment. The result is what I now call F.I.R.E. — a complete workout in 30 minutes with the results in tone and muscle I had been getting with weights.

To be effective in such a short time, the workouts are nonstop and explosive. Heart rates are elevated and the exercises are powerful enough to keep the muscles pumped! As a yoga teacher, it was a natural next step to incorporate the power of flow sequences into my new training method. I began transitioning from leg strengthening to upper body exercises with nonstop flow sequences. This led to Flexion contractions, Isometric holds, Resistant pushes for strength, and Extensions for lengthening my muscles and bones. Before I knew it I had developed my own brand: F.I.R.E. (Flexion, Isometrics, Resistance, Extensions). 

F.I.R.E. not only gives me the adequate burn and pumped muscles I was accustomed to from weight training, it also the endurance and heart rate training I loved from long distance runs.

It’s also versatile, allowing me to tailor it to each of my client's specific needs and wants. The results they received from F.I.R.E were awesome! Now I offer it in a 45 minute group fitness class. Class participant's physiques are transformed, it seems, overnight! 

Once the F.I.R.E. has been lit, body and mind is pushed close to the edge to build self-efficacy, tenacity, discipline, and fortitude. 

I promise F.I.R.E. is life changing. Once you try it, you're hooked! 

On F.I.R.E.


A unique blend of different muscular movements used to evaluate and enhance current strength and endurance.

F.I.R.E. class at Coleman Community Center

Will leads a F.I.R.E. class

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