Personal training was a natural fit

My career in fitness took root when people began approaching me during my own personal workouts, asking for advice. After awhile, I noticed these people were losing weight, getting into shape, and even referring others to me for training and advice. That's how I realized personal training was a natural fit for me.

Now, many years later, I have worked to build a solid personal training practice. In addition to a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, I have certifications in Personal Training and Yoga. What I learned obtaining these credentials gives me an edge that makes a real difference in my clients' lives.

In addition to fitness training, I have a 230-hour yoga teacher certification. I blend Power Vinyasa yoga into many of my fitness classes and personal training sessions — a unique approach which I've branded as F.I.R.E.

My philosophy

My philosophy is, ‘Live, enjoy, and create positive habits everyday’.

I'm happy to be working in a field I truly love, and one that is so gratifying. It's personally rewarding to see my clients developing new, positive, habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. I take pride in the increased self-confidence they exhibit as their physical endurance and strength increases. I feel lucky that each day I can see the impact of my work in others' lives — that is a rare gift my clients give back to me.

Educated in motivation and more

My background in psychology helps me understand how to motivate each client in the way he or she will best respond. The fitness certifications ensure I can show clients the correct way to move — to get the most out of each exercise and avoid injury. I've also learned how to keep clients moving forward without frustrating plateaus or painful overtraining. And my knowledge of human physiology aids in sculpting muscle tone, and building strength around weak points in the body.


Hungry to learn and share

I'm hungry for more knowledge about health and fitness. I'm constantly reading and applying the latest research in sports science and technology. To stay current, I'm active in several fitness associations, including ACE (American Council on Exercise) and IDEA Fitness.

I've been active since I was a youth, so it comes as no surprise that I would lead a lifestyle which encompasses health and fitness. I'm into more than fitness though. In my spare time I enjoy fishing, motorcycling, reading selected books from a monthly book club, and coaching youth soccer. I live in the Metropolitan Nashville area with my wife and five children.

As a dad, it's important to me that my children have fun playing outside and participating in sports. I want them to learn, from an early age, the importance of keeping care of themselves through exercise and good nutrition. By making an active lifestyle fun, it will become a lifetime habit. And I feel just as passionate about this for my clients as for my own family!

William Graham, MS, CPT, RYT

About Will


William D. Graham, MS, CPT, RYT

  • Master of Science in Psychology

  • ACE Personal Trainer 


  • 230 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification (Ashville Yoga Center)

  • Lifeguard/AED/CPR (American Red Cross)


William Graham, MS, CPT, RYT